solar masterclass for roofing contractors:
Double Your Sales With Solar

Discover why roofing contractors all over are rushing to add solar to their services & learn what you need to know to make solar your next profit builder

Roofing contractor web class
Wednesday, october 20, 2021 - 9:00 aM Pacific / 12:00 PM Eastern

Do you know why roofing contractors are rushing to solar right now?

Throughout 2020 in the United States it's estimated at over 20% of residential solar system installations don't end up happening because they need a new roof at the time of install.

Companies that only specialize in solar don't want to take on roofing aspect because it is a complex and time-consuming process, and they can't find reliable roofing contractors, so the deals fall through.

That’s why it only it makes sense for the roofing contractor and the solar installer to be the same company -- one job, two projects, double the profit.

Learning how to build a solar sales team or how to install solar can seem like a daunting task...

Luckily there are several ways for roofers to enter the solar market, meaning you can start small and work your way up.

It’s all laid out, step by step, in the upcoming LIVE Virtual Solar Contractor Class taking place on Wednesday, October 20th at 9:00 AM Pacific.

This web class is an immersive 5 hour web class where solar sales experts Jake Hess & Joe Mousakheel will break down important terms and systems that roofing contractors need to know before you start to install or selling solar.
Derek S. of Apollo Power, San Diego, CA

Here are just some of what you will learn in the class:

  • Why roofing companies are racing to add solar
  • ​Why so many roofs are sold in solar projects
  • ​How the tax credit works and could help with a new roof as well
  • How Net Metering works and other need to know terms
  • How much training is needed to start making money in solar
  • ​How to give homeowners confidence and certainty in their decision to work with YOU

Training Trusted By Solar Professionals Everywhere, including:

What Other Solar Professionals & Contractors Have Said About Learning With The Solar Academy
"We had a lot of momentum, but it was out of control. Jake and his team have really dug in and it's been phenomenal, and we are going to save over $100k this year with what we learned."

Brent A.

Solar Entrepreneur
San Marcos, CA
"I've been in the solar industry for a little over 5 years and worked with Jake the last few years. I was successful before this, but working with Jake upped my game so much, I am so grateful."

Rebecca E.

Solar Sales Rep
San Diego, CA
"If you're looking to build your business, scale your business, generate more leads and do it in a streamlined process, there is no one better than Jake in my opinion."

Donnie K.

Solar Entrepreneur
Denver, CO

Ready to learn how they did it?

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About Your Trainer

Jake Hess is an experienced solar sales trainer whose passion for helping others has led him to become a sought-after mentor and coach in the industry. Jake is a serial entrepreneur, starting and building 7 businesses over the last 4 years that have grossed over $100M in revenue.

In the past 10 years, Jake has taught his time-tested sales strategies to hundreds of professionals all across the country. He mentors solar sales reps and entrepreneurs to help them grow their sales, improve their brand, and streamline their business so they can reach their goals.

Jake currently lives in San Diego, CA where he enjoys time surfing, golfing, and attempting to teach his 4 year old son how to swim and how to be the next Lionel Messi on the soccer field.
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Double Your Sales With Solar WEB CLASS

  • 5 Hour Web Class on Roofing & Solar
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Double your sales with solar

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